7 Feuds You Don’t Know You Want…

We all have our dream feuds. Here’s a few of mine.

1. Enzo Amore vs The Miz

It’s easy to see this one happening, and I think it might in the not too distant future. Enzo seems to be being built way above the Cruserweight division right now and he seems to be being placed as a serious face within the company. The Miz is golden on the microphone but, in his own words, Enzo is platinum. Whilst the wrestling may not be magical… who cares!

2. Los Ingobernables de Japan (LIJ) vs Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico

The story wouldn’t be difficult, especially in the campy world of Lucha Underground. LIJ simply show up and walk through the roster. They pick off Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico one by one. Our favourite misfits then come back to reunite and battle LIJ in an epic series of trios matches.

3. Mil Muertes vs Fin Balor

The Demon King vs the Mexican equivalent to The Undertaker… Yes please! Throw them into a death match and simply watch the sparks fly.

4. Neville vs Ishii

Why not? Neville has possibly been the most impressive in ring performer since his heel turn at the start of the year. Ishii is simply dynamite match in and match out. Neville would have to be built up considerably before this could happen, but who wouldn’t want to see this done?

5. Paul Heyman vs Corey Graves

Imagine if both men had a stable of sorts. Imagine they both needed to create a team at Survivor Series. Imagine that this match decided who ran RAW? I’m calling super feud in the mould of Stone Cold and Eric Bishoff from Survivor Series 2003.

6. Pentagon Jr vs Brock Lesnar

Pentagon Jr has proven over the past couple of years that he is, put simply, a psychopath. Brock lesnar, as we’ve known for some time, is possibly the most intense wrestler to ever hit the ring. Whilst I hold no hope of Brock ever letting Pentagon wrestle him in a hardcore match (see his awful match with Dean Ambrose from Wrestlemania 32), if Pentagon managed to break Brock’s arm we could see an extremely violent return match.

7. Charlotte vs AJ Styles

This one is relatively simple and its my favourite of the 7 here. In a Lucha Underground style match up we simply see the greatest male wrestler in the world face off against the greatest female wrestler in the world. Whilst the story may be incredibly cliché, the wrestling would be magical.

What feuds would you love to see? Let me know by following my facebook page!


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