NXT Callbacks? 5 Suggestions for the chop…

Whilst I can’t believe these conversations are taking place, it seems it increasingly likely that the WWE intend to send talent from the main roster to NXT. This seems to be a poor cover up for talent being booked poorly by a writing team who simply cannot book lower to mid card non-title feuds. There have been some ridiculous suggestions from various dirt sheets, the most hilarious of which being Alfred Konuwa from Forbes suggesting that Sami Zayn of all people is heading back down. If we have to send talent back to NXT, here’s five guys who would make my cut…

  1. The Ascension

Whilst never being studs on the microphone or in the ring, The Ascension have a very distinct sense of character that do have a role within the WWE. However, their heavy-metal, goth characters demand victories and title reigns for us to actually believe in their gimmick. This is not an underdog character, or a character that can sustain itself without TV. For that reason I would move them down and bring them back when needed and not until.


  1. Lana

This one makes too much sense. Lana is not a good enough wrestler to survive on the main roster, even though her character is arguably one of the best we’ve seen from a female superstar. Build it into the storyline that Lana must prove herself down in NXT before she’s allowed opportunities on Smackdown. Have her win the NXT title fairly quickly then keep it whilst she works on her in ring skills. I firmly believe that if Lana can improve her in ring work she’ll become one of the greatest female superstars of all time.


  1. Emma

I’m not sure if Emma is good enough for the company, let alone NXT. I can see Emma being released when more female superstars make their way to the main roster and heading to GFW. If we must send talent to NXT then she makes a lot of sense right now.


  1. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips

Compare these two to the work of Corey Graves and you’ll see my problems with these two. Whilst I think their commentary is of a very good standard, neither of these two bring character work to Smackdown Live. I’d love to see Ranallo McGuiness on the main roster, but I don’t think that’ll happen with JBL around (who I do rate highly as an announcer).


  1. Apollo Crews

Crews should have never been called up in the first place. The WWE’s recent attempts to infuse some character development with the Titus Brand has not worked and he seems to be floundering amongst much better performers. Send Crews back to NXT, and use this as motivation for a heel turn.


Notable Others…

David Otunga: Could be useful on commentary if Nigel McGuiness gets called up.
Dana Brooke: May well be moved down but she’s an excellent jobber.
Paige: Let her start again. Clean slate.
Summer Rae: In a very different manner to Paige, after such a long break it could be useful for her to reintegrate herself.
The Brian Kendrick: Would be an excellent jobber to the NXT stars.

Do you agree or disagree? Let me know what you think by following my Facebook page!


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